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Rookie Division Rules & Guidelines – 2014 Season

Goal – Continue development of the rules of Little League and Baseball. The Rookie division will allow additional development in specific areas before Minor league, while building on the basics learned  in Instructional league. The Instructional division introduces real baseball concepts to kids, while the Rookie division will allow them time to get comfortable, create good habits and prepare them to enter the Minor division easier.  The primary focus is will be on:

1) Batting – better form, consistent contact, bat/eye coordination;
2) Pitching – accuracy, strength, technique;
3) Fielding/Throwing – glove usage for ground balls and fly balls, know where to throw ball at all times, learn range and objective of each position; and
4) Base Running – stealing, tagging up, over-throw of base.

Some rules apply all season, some will change or expand for the second half of the season.

1. Machine Pitching for 1st and 2nd inning.  Roster bat the 1st inning so al kids get to bat against the machine.  After the first inning maximum of 6 batters bat per inning.  This will keep the game moving and interesting.  

2. Clear the bases after 3 outs.

3. Kid Pitch after 2nd inning.  Normal baseball rules.  3 strikes is an out.  4 balls is a walk.

3. No Coach pitching!

4. Coaches to keep score each game but please focus on fundamentals first.

5. Catcher should to be used all game if enough players. Not all kids have to rotate as catcher and pitcher, but all should be encouraged to try it. 

6. “Events”– An event is an overthrow of a base with the runner advancing one base or a steal.  

(i.e. 2 events would be and overthrow to 1st and the runner advances 2 bases.)  Limit of 2-4 “events” per inning. Coaches can agree on this limit before game.

7. Overthrows should allow runners to advance conservatively. Do not encourage runner to take as many bases as possible to cause more bad throws. Encourage batters not to “run the bases” on a hit.

8. Aim for 1 organized practice or ‘clinic’ per week, 2 games per week. This practice will be an open practice for any team to join and work on fundamentals. Each coach will take a group of kids to practice on a specific fundamental.

9. Utilize cut offs when throwing from outfield.

10. Coach which position covers which base during hits. Discuss the range of each position and limitations.

11. If more than 9 players - all kids bat, but 9 rotate in field. Coaches to agree before game if a regardless of number on team.

12.  Coaches or Parent umipres.  Be fair and respectful.

13. No one sits 2 innings before all have sat for 1 inning minimum.

14. Coaches to monitor pitch count. 

14. If not enough pitchers, use machine more innings at beginning of game.

Introduce and work in 2nd half:

1. Increase kid pitch innings if kids show they can handle it. All kids should practice to pitch in a game at some point. 

Always keep in mind the goal is to teach the kids the game of baseball and to keep them coming back.